We love variety, so our tap list is constantly rotating with the seasons and the beers that we fancy at that particular time. We are very intentional about the beer we brew, how we brew, the ingredients we utilize, and the methodology for each beer. 

Do we have a flagship beer? Nope. Sure don't. 

We are a lab - a laboratory of experimentation. Our vision is to constantly push the boundaries outside of typical beer styles and try new things. This keeps us on toes and makes it exciting to come to work everyday and continue to push ourselves into new realms of what beer is what beer can be. And we hope it also pushes you to try something new and expose you to new styles too. 

So...what's on tap right now?

Click here or come visit us!


We suggest you check out social media for the details about upcoming releases. And head to our SHOPPE to see what we just brewed and packaged up ready for your to take home.


We are packaging more beer than ever! We can beer into 16oz cans at least twice weekly to keep your favorites stocked and ready for pick-up. 

We have 16oz can 4-packs, or 16oz single cans. 

We also have specialty bottles as available. 

Please head to THE PARLEAUX SHOPPE for details. You may pre-order TO-GO items online, or you can also just come on in and purchase in the taproom.