What's On Tap?

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Hop Forward

Cover Your Tracks - India Pale Lager - 6.2%

American Pilsner and Rice Malts. Meridian and Eldorado hops. Fruity, tropical nose and a clean, crisp pilsner body and finish. 

Ease Back - Sour IPA -  6.1%

Brewed with two-row barley, white wheat, malted and flaked oats, and lactose. Fermented with both Plum and Meyer Lemon, and aggressively dry hopped with African Queen and Cascade. 

Trains Across the Sea - Farmhouse IPA - 5.4%

Fermented in stainless steel with a house mixed cultures using a base of pilsner, wheat, oat, and rye malts, this IPA was hopped in the kettle with amarillo and simcoe and then, after a lengthy fermentation, hit with another huge dose of the same 2 hops. Vibrant notes of lemon and grapefruit peel and a hint of spice laden funk sit atop smooth, drinkable body. 

Saisons and Farmhouse-Inspired Beers

Bayou Drift - Saison Ale w/ Brettanomyces - 5.5%

A malt base of pilsner, raw wheat, red wheat, and rye. Lightly hopped with perle and cashmere, and fermented and aged with a mixed culture that has evolved over several generations and includes a favorite saison strain and several different brettanomyces strains. Rustic, notes of hay, floral wildflowers, zingy sweet tarts, and a distinct dryness. Conditioned with brettanomyces.

Where the People Say Y'all - Norwegian Farmhouse with Spruce Tips - 4.5%

We took freshly harvested young Colorado blue spruce tips from the Sangre de Cristo mountains and added them to a base of pilsner, rye, and raw wheat with a touch of Sorachi Ace hops. Fermented with a blend of a Norwegian strain of yeast and brettanomyces. Aromatic notes of earthy grapefruit peels, fresh evergreen, and drinks with a bright ZING with a refreshing piney citrusy zest.

Looks Like It's Gonna Rain - Barrel-Aged Sour Saison - 5.3%

A blend of young, stainless steel mix-fermentation farmhouse ale as well another farmhouse that was aged for over a year in oak on a house mixed culture to develop a nice acidity. After the blend we let the beer condition on pink peppercorns and lemon verbena from the Parleaux garden. The result is a dry, fairly tart, and delicate farmhouse ale with loads of floral aromas and flavor. 

Classic Styles with a Twist

Haupstrasse 155 - Kellerbier - 5.0%

Brewed with heirloom german pilsner and vienna malt and generously hopped with perle and hallertau mittelfruh. Unfiltered. 

Misbehavin' - Helles Lager - 5.1%

All german pilsner and vienna malt with a light touch of hallertau mittelfuh hops create a toasty, crisp german classic.


Long Way To Fall - Märzenbier - 5.8% 

This bavarian inspired lager is brewed with an heirloom varietal of German barley, fermented cold with our favorite Munich lager strain, and cold-conditioned for 6 weeks. Prost!

Czuck Pils - Bohemian Pilsner - 5.3%

Floor malted bohemian barley, saaz hops, and a lager yeast fermented and conditioned on the very low side of the thermometer. A stone cold classic.

The Tortoise and the Hare - Maibock - 7.6%

This german style imperial amber lager spent a healthy amount of time fermenting to produce a smooth, malty lager with notes of caramel and dark dried fruit. 

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