Confiar - Tequila barrel-aged mixed-fermentation Kölsch with key lime & lime basil - 7.2% - $11

This beer started as a kölsch we brewed with lemongrass and then transferred into freshly dumped tequila barrels (originally sauvignon blanc). We added a cocktail of brettanomyces and bacteria and let age for close to a year before adding key lime and fresh lime basil from our garden. Confiar has been naturally bottle/keg conditioning for 6 months and is ready to party. Notes present include: bright lime, herbal floral qualities, and a touch of funk, all while maintaining the crispness that’s at the core of a kolsch. Trust it y’all.






MishMish - Barrel Aged Sour Ale with Apricots - 6.1%. - $12

We love mouth watering jammy stone fruits like ripe apricots. Sooooo...we took some of our favorite funky / sour barrels and blended them together with a hefty load of apricots. After some refermentation time we naturally conditioned the beer in both bottles and kegs, and kept them in the cellar for 6 months. MishMish is a sour beer that drips of succulent apricots with a touch of funk and a pleasant dryness.









Under the Palms - Mixed-Fermentation Saison w/ Lime and Guava 

- 5.8% - $14

Brewed with pilsner, red wheat, raw wheat, and spelt. Hopped with Wakatu. Fermented with a house mixed culture for 3 months with guava and lime, and naturally conditioned in 750ml cans with brettanomyces. Cellared for 4 months.






























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